Find out how we’re helping
solve the housing crisis

we empower people who are homeless to transform empty houses in Leeds into homes and become part of a community

Canopy believes in people

We believe in giving people a chance because it’s what everyone deserves – that means we’re a place where people can try something new, make mistakes and then learn from the experience.

Canopy creates homes

We believe that letting tenants choose what colour paint goes on the walls and what carpet goes on the floor is the difference between providing houses and building homes where people feel they belong.

Canopy builds community

We believe in improving neighbourhoods while helping each other. That’s why working with Canopy means joining a supportive community of people that shares humour, strength and skills.

Canopy stories

Meet Daniel

Daniel’s not only a Canopy tenant but completing his government-backed apprenticeship with us too.

Listen to Daniel’s story to find out what home means to him, where he likes to go to find peace and how working with Canopy has helped shaped his life.