Kiwi – Our new day-to-day repairs provider

Canopy are delighted to report that we have a new day-to-day repairs contractor, Kiwi Facilities Maintenance.

If you are a Canopy tenant in need of a repair, please call Kiwi direct on 01924 400499. There is no need to speak to a member of Canopy staff first and their lines are open 24/7.

Contacting Canopy

Like many organisations, Canopy reviewed the way we work following the pandemic. We are far more likely to visit people in their homes instead of asking them to visit us. This is particularly important now that we only have one office (the other two having been converted into family homes).

Many of our tenants, volunteers and self-helpers prefer to contact us by phone, e-mail, social media and text now (as well as seeing us face-to-face). Unlike a few years ago, all of our staff are equipped with laptops and mobile phones that allow them to work with people in that way.

As a result, the following measures are now in place:
Repairs01924 400499
Out-of-hours emergencies01924 400499
Arrears07545 922621
Finance07960 040840
Tenant support07956 152596
Volunteering07956 152595

Equality Scheme and Action Plan

Canopy’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Group last reviewed our Equality Scheme and Action Plan in 2022. The review recognised a number of successes such as recruiting more diverse Board Members and a Mental Health First Aider, preparing a gender pay gap report, producing anti-harassment and dignity at work policies, delivering hate crime training, drawing volunteers from diverse backgrounds (including a high proportion of women), staff members learning British Sign Language, making our offices more accessible and producing Esiread communications.

However, it identified plenty of things for us to do, such as improving the data we hold about the people we work with, improving our domestic violence policy and procedures, offering paid traineeships, expanding our office opening times, recruiting more diverse Board Members and delivering more training to our staff and Board around Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.

Many of these issues – the training, the paid traineeships, and the policy work – have since been addressed and we aim to publish a revised plan soon.

Our 2022 Equality Scheme and Action Plan can be downloaded here: