Trainee Properties Workers

Applications for the post of Trainee Properties Worker have now closed. We expect to interview in early June with an appointment later that month.

New Board Members

We are looking for new trustees to join our Board at the June AGM. Our Chair and Treasurer will be standing down then, so we are particularly interested in people who might wish to fill either of these roles. We are recruiting now to allow people the opportunity to observe the Board and/or spend time with their predecessors before jumping in!

Our Board is currently eight-strong: The Chair will be retiring; the Treasurer stepping back to become an ordinary Board Member; and we can accommodate more ordinary Board Members if needs be. We need people who share Canopy’s vision and compassion and who recognise the challenges faced by smaller providers.

Canopy aims to become a Registered Provider (RP) of Social Housing during 2022. This will lead to increased regulation but will also provide opportunities to grow and expand our work beyond Leeds. In an ideal world, we would like at least two of the new Board Members to have a sound knowledge of social housing and be able to provide both support and leadership during a period of transition.

We are aiming to make our Board more representative of the people and communities with whom we work, so we particularly welcome applications from people whose background (ethnicity, race or lived experience) might resonate with our tenants and volunteers, who live predominantly in inner city Leeds.

You can find out more about our Board here, then if you’re interested, please get in touch with our Chief Executive, David Nugent.